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Send us your questions for Roger Chapman

It’s 55 years now since Roger Chapman first made the leap from the building sites of Leicester to the vanguard of the London scene, fronting psych-rock stalwarts Family. But as proved by last year’s rousing solo album Life In The Pond, his extraordinary voice remains intact – deeper and raspier for sure, but still full of raw R&B aggression, offset by an otherworldly tremor.

Chappo certainly has a tale or two to tell. Name an important British countercultural happening and Family were there: Middle Earth in 1968, supporting the Stones in Hyde Park, the Isle Of Wight festival, Glastonbury Fair.

When that first band ran out of steam, Chapman formed underrated funk-rockers Streetwalkers before going solo, finding success in Europe. Life In The Pond, which reunited Chapman with his old Family bandmate John ‘Poli’ Palmer, was his first album in 12 years. He’s followed that up this year with expanded reissues of Family’s A Song For Me and a new compilation of solo material, A Moth To A Flame, via Esoteric Recordings.

So what do you want to ask a a singer and songwriter who’s been there, done that, and is still doing it with bells on? Email your questions to by Tuesday (May 24) and Roger will answer the best ones in a future issue of Uncut.

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