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Nextones Festival 2021: Tomoko Sauvage

Our first performance from the 2021 edition of Italy’s Nextones Festival comes from the Japanese artist, whose practice centres around waterbowls and hydrophones. Fact has partnered with Italy’s Nextones Festival

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Ugandan rapper BLAQ BANDANA and STILL team up on ‘Nkwaata’ video

The video comes from Simone Trabucchi’s new mixtape project, KIKOMMANDO. In the video for ‘Nkwaata’, the new single from Kampala-based rapper BLAQ BANDANA, motorcycles circle around the artist as he

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Paraadiso take a stroboscopic drone trip in Unisono

CAUTION: STROBE WARNING A first glimpse of the duo’s live AV show, combining real footage, CGI footage and real time responsive lighting effects. Paraadiso is the new audiovisual collaborative project

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Novas Frequências: À Margem

An “an aural and visual narrative” celebrating 10 years of Brazil’s Novas Frequências Festival. Novas Frequências is Brazil’s most adventurous music festival. Founded in 2011, the Rio de Janeiro-based event

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Robert Gerard Pietrusko & Courtney Stephens resurrect lost ecologies with The Room: Remastering Eden

 A nostalgic video collage featuring music from Robert Gerard Pietrusko’s latest album, Elegiya. “What if humans used the media archive to resurrect former ecologies?” asks designer and composer Robert Gerard

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10 Songs Hotter Than A Heatwave

When it’s scorching outside there’s only one thing to do – stick on some sizzling tunes and soak up the rays. We hope you enjoy our ultimate heatwave playlist. Dua

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