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Unknown Mobile collaborates with CFCF on new album for Vancouver’s Pacific Rhythm

Ambient-balearic grooves from Montréal.

Vancouver’s Pacific Rhythm imprint is releasing a new album from Montréal house artist Unknown Mobile, made with the help of MIDI files he discovered in an old Geocities archive. Titled Daucile Moon, the eight-track release takes its name from an obscure Canadian jazz track and features guitar from nu-new age favorite CFCF.

According to the label, Unknown Mobile took the MIDI melodies to his analog outboard gear and then back to his computer to create a “digital-analog hybrid that sounds as pleasantly worn as a dog-eared novel”.

Otherwise known as Vancouver native Levi Bruce, Unknown Mobile debuted in 2015 with the Chime, Flower, & Fountain Cures ‎tape on Summer Cool Music, which was followed up with releases on labels including LA’s Young Adults and No Bad Days.

Daucile Moon arrives on limited cassette and digital formats on July 15 – pre-order it at Bandcamp.


A1. ‘Medicine Man’
A2. ‘Ravers Sojourn’
A3. ‘A Windles March Ouest’ ft. CFCF
A4. ‘Simone Can’t Swim’
B1. ‘Resting in Jupiter’s Garden’
B2. ‘Oenology’ ft. CFCF
B3. ‘Looping Truths And Expectations
B4. ‘Copper Bird Bath’ ft. CFCF

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