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Time flies, culture spreads
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A Quick Review of Culture

As time passes by, culture grows and gets around from one person or group to another.

How Culture Was

Decades ago, the simple act of going to certain events was a demonstration of political free speech, in and of itself. Even attending major pop music concerts, like The Beatles, could stir up controversy on Main Street, back in the day. Those four lads from Liverpool, with their mop top hairdos and on stage presence, were hardly accepted by the mainstream in their early days.

How Culture Is

Nowadays, while many argue that the biggest stars are less relatable to average people’s lives, with their flashy materialism, their reach is also far smaller.

How Culture Will Be

What will be the future of entertainment culture? Will stars become ever more focused on narrower and narrower audiences? Or will we see a return to performers who transcend borders and cultures, and grow to record high numbers in size?

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