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Hivern Discs announces Fragments compilation featuring John Talabot, Pional and more

The release comprises 29 new tracks across six 12″s.

Barcelona’s Hivern Discs is releasing a label compilation next month.

The collection, titled Fragments, comprises 29 new tracks across six 12″s, and features a combination of “core artists and recent signings” including John Talabot, Pional, Fantastic Man, Samo DJ, Beesmunt Soundsystem and Benedikt Frey. Find the complete tracklist below, along with a 42-minute preview of the LP.

Fragments will be released as a complete box set on January 23, 2020. Each 12″ will also be sold separately in the following months. Preorder the set here.


Fragments 1
A1. Arthur Evans – ‘IV’
A2. Benedikt Frey – ‘Cali Stroll’
A3. Walden – ‘Guerreros del Lago’
B1. John Talabot – ‘Hivernoid’
B2. Epsilove – ‘Parallel universe night (Melted mix)’

Fragments 2
A1. Fantastic Man – ‘Lather of Heaven’
A2. Layered Moods – ‘Z’
B1. Absis – ‘Sara’
B2. Steve Pepe – ‘Tribalone’

Fragments 3
A1. Cleveland – ‘Via Sole’
A2. Lost Scripts – ‘Deep’
B1. Lawrence Le Doux – ‘Regina’
B2. Sapphire Slows – ‘New You For Others, Same You For Yourself’
B3. Simon Haydo – ‘Bending Frameworks’

Fragments 4
A1. C.P.I. – ‘Miasma’
A2. Beesmunt Soundsystem – ‘Hypno’
B1. Parple – ‘El Día Oscuro’
B2. Inga Mauer – ‘It’s Gone’

Fragments 5
A1. Cooper Saver – ‘Tell’
A2. ‘Pional – ‘Purple’
B1. ‘Marc Piñol – ‘Vol de Nit’
B2. ‘Velmondo – ‘Transubstantiation’

Fragments 6
A1. Samo DJ – ‘Waterfall’
A2. oma totem – ‘Amb Minus’
A3. Shame On Us – ‘Fingers Crossed’
B1. Nadia D’Alò – ‘Ten-High Straight’
B2. Mioclono – ‘Center Of Things’
B3. Odopt – ‘Bretonn’

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