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Ezra Miller Presents:

We are proud to present the hotly anticipated launch of the latest iteration and new brand identity of LLC.

This week Fact has partnered with Ezra Miller to bring you a carefully selected program of content showcasing some of the key elements of his digital art and design practice. Today, we are very pleased to announce the next chapter, the hotly anticipated launch of the latest iteration and new brand identity of LLC.

To celebrate the occasion, Miller has shared an exclusive press release with Fact, detailing the mission statement and corporate ethos that runs through to the very core of LLC. The statement reads as follows: “ LLC is a trusted company based in New York City. Since 1996, LLC has helped private and public sectors of all sizes find the talent and solutions they need to take on new challenges, keep up with the latest technology or excel in a competitive market.”

“We provide full-service enterprise solutions aimed at transforming business processes, synchronising varied platforms, improving workflow and enhancing operation efficiencies for our clients.”


“Our enterprise resource planning services include generative design, live visuals, procedural animation, creative direction, immersive experiences, 3D modelling, game development, as well as many other robust solutions that will help you engage and retain customers.”

“Our services are designed to support an entire gamut of modern business requirements. We also provide expert web portal development solutions to companies enabling them to make use of the immense potential of the internet for growth.” LLC has an excellent reputation earned through hard work, exceptional customer service, and useful, tailored solutions. For general inquiries concerning LLC, please email us at We look forward to working with you.”


As is evidenced by the outstanding quality and extremely positive public reception of Fact’s two previous collaborations with LLC, we can recommend their services without hesitation. We look forward to working with LLC in the future.

You can find LLC on Instagram and Twitter.

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