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Introducing the new Uncut: Björk, Steely Dan, Lamont Dozier and more

As I write this, most of the Uncut team are somewhere en route to this year’s End Of The Road festival for a busy weekend of live music and our regular Uncut Q&As. While Tom, Sam and Mark get to soak up the festival atmosphere and enjoy many of our favourite artists – from Fleet Foxes and Pixies to The Weather Station, Margo Cilker and Tinariwen – the rest of us are back here, putting the finishing touches to the issue that you now hold in your hands.

One of the happy by-products of this exodus to Larmer Tree Gardens is that I’ve spent some extra time reading through this issue’s albums pages. As usual, there’s a wide array of releases for your delectation, but among my favourite pieces of writing, I’d steer you to Jim Wirth’s funny and insightful review of Bill Callahan’s new album, YTI⅃AƎЯ, and Damien Love’s forensic investigation of the anthology covering Joe Strummer’s years with his final band, the Mescaleros.

We have a particularly strong Karma section this month, too, featuring tales from former Cramps/Gun Club/Bad Seed Kid Congo Powers, the reinvention of Can’s Malcolm Mooney, the return of Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and a “how do you do” to Myriam Gendron – whose two beguiling albums to date, Not So Deep As A Well and Ma Délire – Songs Of Love Lost & Found, come with the highest possible recommendations.

There’s plenty more inside. Stephen Troussé’s interview with Björk is one for the ages. Graeme Thomson has rounded up some heads to share their thoughts on Steely Dan’s peerless original run of albums. Graeme has also spoken at length to Herbie Hancock for this month’s issue: this superb interview reads like history unfolding, as Hancock takes us through his memories of some of the 20th century’s most profound musical and cultural revolutions. There’s also a moving and intimate tribute to Lamont Dozier by his former songwriting partner Brian Holland, The Ruts, Cat Power, Aoife Nessa Frances and Ashley Hutchings – who has surprising revelations to share regarding Bob Dylan’s car boot sale buys.

As ever, let us know what you think:

Until next month…

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