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Stats Show Sharing This Page Is Good For Your Happiness

Come on, Get Happiness

Happiness is sharing what you enjoy

Science has shown that if you like this page and share it with friends, family and colleagues, you’re more likely to be happy.

In fact, surveys and experiments show that people who share this page are happier for longer, at higher levels, and with longer lasting positive impact that ripples beyond themselves.

Who did this scientific study?

The scientific studies were conducted by our own internal Merry Internal Tribe (MIT) media lab. Our MIT media lab is *not* associated in any way, shape or form with the University of the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our MIT media lab is based on entertainment, arts and sciences aimed at increasing your joy, mirth and happiness.

As it is, due to the acronym issues, our board is in the process of retroactively renaming our MIT media lab to a new name that should be officially completed soon.

The final name, while yet to be selected, will be chosen from a list of final candidates, submitted by the community.

The candidate names include:

UK Happiness Media Lab (HUKML)

British Merrymaking Media Lab (BMML)

Plush Arts & Sciences Lab (PASL)

Top Ticket Events UK Media Lab (TTEUKML)

Great British Events Media Lab (GBEML)

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